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This pillow machine is successfully designed to solve our current problem of labor shortage, and reduce and manual operations.
It is characterized by the function of placing the row cotton of 10kg to more than 100kg onto the reserve conveyor belt, and the machine then can automatically send the cotton for carding. It is the most advanced fiber opening/filling combined machine in China. It adopts a big roller and several small rollers with the slow speed of revolution of 1400 rpm. The prominent strength of the machine is that it can loosen the 3-dimensional screw cotton, with 98% loosen rate.

Main technical parameter:
1.Capacity: 300-380kg/h
2.Dimension: 3300X1380X1800mm
3.Voltage: 380v 50Hz 3phase
4.Power: 9kw
5.Blooms: 98%
6.Weight: 1150kg

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