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This textile waste recycling machine is standard line which can process even all kind of material in to fiber.It removes impurities in the cotton using mechanical centrifugal force emerged by high speed revolving of barbed rollers and loosens cotton, then presses to flakes. It can be used to rigs, cloth leftover and recycling cotton etc, with the function of dust removing and health keeping.

Main technical parameter:
1. Output: 150-180 kg/hour
2. Barbed roller diameter:First 600mm others 400mm
3. Roller speed: 1400r/m for the first , 1500r/m for the second and third
4. Motor: 18.5kw one set 11kw four sets
5. Fan: 1.5kw five sets
6. Outside dimension: 7100X1500X1250 mm
7. Take-in wire: 1.09X75 degreeX4.5/6 teeth/25.4mm
8. Weight: 3800kgs

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