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Textile cutting machine
Designed for the cutting of synthetic fibres, rejected cotton, nylon yarn, pet yarn, yarn head, cloth fragements, hemps, cotton, paper and other sheets, threads, coils etc

Main technical parameter:
1. Output: 500-700 kg/hour
2. The blade roller Diameter: 470 mm
3. Speed of the roller: 250r/min
4. Motor: blade roller 5.5 kw 1 set feeding and discharging 1.5 kw 1Set
5. Chief bearing: 6216E 4 (blade roller)
6. Conveyer belt: 380×2100×41 (discharging)380×2750×41 (feeding part) triangular belt: B2661 quantity: 4
7. Outside dimension: 3500X1500X1300 mm
8. Weight: 1800kg

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